New Members


Membership numbers are limited due to the amount of court time available, particularly once league matches start in late September which take up 2 of our 4 courts. On occasions, we have a waiting list for new members.


The Club welcomes you as a visitor up to 3 times, there is a visitor’s fee of £5.00 each time you attend to the treasurer or any committee member. Unless otherwise arranged with the treasurer, this also applies to any returning members who have not played at the club for a period.

If you apply for membership and the club accepts your application, the full visitor’s fees paid up to date will be deducted from the appropriate membership fee shown below.

If you've been three times and vacancies are not currently available, you should leave us your details, including your email, and we will endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible when a vacancy occurs.

Standard of Play

We cater for players of both social standard, and league match players. However, a minimum standard of play is required for all members in order that everyone can participate in an enjoyable game of badminton at a fair level.

Unfortunately, we don’t have facilities for adult beginners, but we may be able to put you in touch with some organisations who do organise beginner lessons.

Coaching sessions are available for under 16’s.

League Teams

To cater for those Members wishing to play competitively, we currently enter five teams in the Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford Leagues, providing mens and mixed doubles at various standards.”

Selection Board System

There is a game selection system that ensures that all players get a chance to play in turn and you will be expected to join in with the social play when selected. We don’t allow “fixed games” on social nights and all members are expected to join in with each other (official team practise games excepted).

The selection board rules can be explained to you at the time, but basically, when your name is at the top of the list, you select yourself plus three from the next five available players.

Assistance will be provided for new players as required.

Dress Code

We ask that you try and wear appropriate dress for playing on a badminton court. That can be subject to wide interpretation, but generally come looking the part, and you will feel more comfortable. Sports wear comes in many colours and styles and most is acceptable, however jeans, cut off jeans and cargo pants are not acceptable, or practical. Apart from anything else you’re likely to have embarrassing splits in jeans etc. as they don’t have the flexibility needed for this sport, badminton involves considerable stretching movements! Any good sports short will suffice.

We prefer sleeves on sports shirts for men, although this can be varied for female attire, and can be round necked if desired. A Club shirt is available and if you become a member, you can purchase one from a local retailer. Further information is available here.

We've also been asked by PHGS to point out that only appropriate non-marking footwear, (i.e. trainers or sports shoes without black rubber soles) should be worn in the sports hall.

Fees (2017-18 season)

Entry to the senior section is:-
£110 Adults (18 & over and not in full time education)
£55 Juniors (16 & under 18)**
League match fees, are £4 per match

Fees cover the period 4th September 2017 until the season end in April 2018 and include annual membership of Badminton England.
This not only provides public liability insurance cover but entitles you to discounts on certain events and products.
Fees may be reduced for new members joining us after 1 October.

Any person invited to be a member of the club MUST pay their membership fee prior to a) being eligible for matches and b) if at the start of the season, no later than 29th September.

Social Life

We are not just a club playing badminton. We usually socialise after matches both home and away at the local pub and have other club socials such as bowling nights, barbecues, walks, meals out and curry nights— all members are welcome to socialise (with Partners/Guests on some Occasions) and we run a golf day.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you on a club night soon. If you have any doubts, just come along as a visitor and try us out!

ALL participants and spectators are advised that they enter the sports hall(s) the club uses entirely at their own risk. Otley Badminton Club will endeavour to make your visit as enjoyable and safe as possible but you are entirely responsible for yourself and your property and you are reminded that everybody is required to behave in accord with club rules Code of Conduct - and the BE guidelines